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It’s Time for National School Breakfast Week!
By AAA Pediatrics
March 04, 2014
Category: Pediatrics
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At AAA Pediatrics, we want to make sure your child remains healthy all year long.  This year, March pediatrics3-7 marks National School Breakfast Week 2014.  What does this mean?  This means we want you to take an extra step toward making time for school breakfast. Whether you offer your child a banana or a more detailed breakfast, we want you to take the time for school breakfast for your children. 
Many schools participate in National School Breakfast Week to provide children with breakfast each day.  Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast show improved academic achievement—especially in vocabulary, math and standardized tests.   Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it can improve attendance records because our children remain healthy.   
Contact your school to find out if they participate in National School Breakfast Week and learn more about how important breakfast is for your children.  While this event might only be for a week, we want to make sure you understand the importance of breakfast for your children before school.  Our pediatricians in Woodbridge, VA are available at AAA Pediatrics to help you better understand how you can ensure your child is getting the proper nutrition they need not only during School Breakfast Week and National Nutrition Month, but all year long.
Ask Our Woodbridge Pediatricians…
Many wonder, why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for a good reason.  Actually, there are a few reasons why breakfast is important, let’s take a look:
It improves your metabolism – Eating breakfast helps get your child’s metabolism up and running for the day.  When your brain receives food in the morning, it tells your brain that you will need to start to digest it—thus waking up the system and warming up metabolism to work properly throughout the day.
It keeps your child from binging – If you skip breakfast, it sets your child up for failure throughout the rest of the day.  Because you are not feeding your body for several hours overnight, a lack of food in the morning can leave your child grumpy and hungry early in the day—we never want that.
It keeps your child in a good mood – As stated previously, feeding your child (even yourself) in the morning will help keep your child in a good mood throughout the day. 
Our Woodbridge, VA pediatricians are available to help you set a proper nutrition plan for your child that includes daily breakfast.  While National School Breakfast Week only lasts for the week, you can take charge of your child’s nutrition and well-being throughout March and the rest of the year by visiting our office to learn more. Contact one of our pediatricians in Woodbridge, VA to schedule an appointment for your child and to find out more about how you can keep him or healthy for a lifetime.