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The Benefits of Immunizations
By AAA Pediatrics
January 29, 2019
Category: Pediatric Care
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Immunizations are a crucial and necessary part of you and your child’s life. Not only can vaccinations protect your child against potentially deadly illnesses, but they can protect others, too. Learn more about how immunizations work and why they are so important to every child’s health with Dr. Oscar Sugastti at AAA Pediatrics in Woodbridge, VA.

What is immunization?
It is important to understand the terminology surrounding immunization to help understand it fully. Immunization is the act of creating immunity to a disease or infection. A vaccine is a substance injected into the body which makes it immune to the illness. Doctors inject the vaccine with a shot, usually in their office.

Why are immunizations so important?
Immunizations save lives. The diseases they prevent were once highly-feared and posed a large risk to people all over the world. However, access to vaccines has dramatically decreased these diseases’ presence in today’s society. Vaccines also prevent illness in those who cannot be vaccinated. People who are immunocompromised or who have certain medical conditions may not be able to be immunized. Additionally, newborns cannot receive their first round of vaccines until they are about three months old. However, if the people around them are vaccinated, they are never exposed to these illnesses, keeping them safe and healthy. This is referred to as “herd immunity,” and plays a critical role in the overall health of people everywhere.

Immunizations in Woodbridge, VA
Vaccinating your child ensures that they stay free from diseases which were once highly feared, such as polio, measles, hepatitis, influenza, and whooping cough — and helps unvaccinated people remain healthy, too. Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-suggested vaccination schedule for children from birth contributes to their health for the rest of their lives.

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