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When Should My Child Get the Flu Vaccine?
By AAA Pediatrics
December 03, 2014
Category: Immunizations
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With the cold weather brewing, find out when your child should get vaccinated against the influenza virus.

With the flu virus being a dangerous infection for children, it’s important to protect them against it each year. With the flu season brewing, you want to do everything possible to keep your child healthy and happy. After all, no one wants their child to be sick during the holiday season. Your Woodbridge pediatrician has some advice on how to protect your child this flu season, and what you can do every day to keep them healthy.

Teach flu manners

Always tell your child to cover his or her mouth when coughing or sneezing, and remind them about the importance of washing their hands immediately after to keep germs away. Also teach them to keep hands away from their eyes, nose or mouth as germs spread quickly this way.

Suds up!

While washing hands frequently is important, it’s also just as vital that your child washes his or her hands properly. This means always washing with soap and water or opting for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap isn’t available. Teach your child to really lather up and to scrub in between the fingers and up to the wrists, as well. Everyone should wash hands for at least 20 seconds.

Block the germs

Always limit your child’s contact with those who are sick, including other sick members of the family. One way you can protect the home from germs is to disinfect surfaces as much as possible. Surfaces that are most germ-ridden include countertops, tables, remote controls, etc.

While all of these tips are highly recommended, the best way to protect your child from getting the flu is by opting for the flu vaccine each year. Any child over the age of 6 months should be getting their season flu shot now. Talk to your Woodbridge pediatrician to find out if the flu vaccine is right for your child.

If your child hasn’t gotten the flu vaccine, it’s time to schedule an appointment. With flu season in full swing and school being a major carrier of germs, you will want to protect your child from this infection.