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Why Choose a Pediatrician?
By AAA Pediatrics
September 21, 2018
Category: Pediatrics
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Choosing a doctor for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a parent. A pediatrician, a doctor who specializes inPediatricians the care of babies, children and teenagers, just may be the best choice for your son or daughter. Woodbridge, VA, pediatrician Drs. Oscar Sugastti offers the specialized care essential for your child's good health.

What advantages do pediatricians offer?

Pediatricians receive special training in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and conditions that affect children. After they graduate from medical school, they spend three years in medical residency devoted solely to pediatrics.

Other benefits of visiting a pediatrician include:

  • Kid-Friendly Offices: Your pediatrician's office is designed with kids in mind. They're often decorated in bright colors and offer plenty of toys and books to keep your children occupied while they wait for their appointments.
  • Compassionate Care: Pediatricians and their staff know that visiting a pediatrician can be a little scary for young children. They strive to make appointments positive experiences and have infinite patience with frightened kids.
  • Familiarity with Pediatric Illnesses and Conditions: Your child's pediatrician has extensive experience treating conditions and illnesses that occur during childhood. Expertise and training play an important role, whether he or she is diagnosing a case of hand, foot and mouth disease or a more complicated medical problem. Pediatricians also evaluate developmental and behavioral issues and can make referrals to other medical professionals if needed.
  • Well-Child Exams: During periodic or yearly well-child examinations, your child's pediatrician will chart his height and weight, evaluate hearing and vision and perform an examination to determine if your child is developing normally. Well-child exams can help detect health conditions in the earliest stages, allowing your child to receive prompt treatment.
  • Peace of Mind for Worried Parents: You become a partner in your child's healthcare when you visit a Woodbridge pediatrician. Your child's doctor can provide helpful information on child development or offer a few tips that will help your child take his or her medicine. Whether you have questions about your baby's feeding schedule or your teen's emotional problem, he or she is available to share his or her expertise and offer guidance.

Visits to the pediatrician help your child maintain good health. Call Woodbridge, VA, pediatrician Drs. Oscar Sugastti at (703) 580-6400 to schedule an appointment.