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Vaccines are one of the best ways you can protect your child from life-threatening illnesses. To learn about vaccines, get your child vaccinated, or catch up if your child has missed any immunizations, visit AAA Pediatrics in Woodbridge, Virginia. Oscar Sugastti, MD, FAA, Jacqueline Adames, FNP-BC, and the team answer all of your questions about vaccines, so you can feel confident and supported when you vaccinate your child. To set up an appointment today, call the office, or use the online booking tool.

Vaccines Q & A

What are vaccines?

Vaccines are medical preparations that contain small amounts of pathogens used to trigger an immune response in your body so that you develop long-term immunity from the pathogen or disease. Vaccines can cause some mild side effects, like headache, fatigue, and irritation at the injection site, though they’re far safer than being infected by the disease.

Vaccines are typically given in a series of injections — or shots — over several months. Each injection re-introduces the pathogen into your body to further build your immune resistance to it. This allows you to develop immunity gradually over time for long-lasting resistance to infection.

Why are vaccines important?

Over the last century since vaccines were introduced, the prevalence of many diseases has decreased significantly, allowing children to be healthier and avoid life-threatening illnesses. It’s important to continue vaccinating because these diseases still exist throughout the world, and your child can be exposed to them, especially if he or she is in childcare, visits playgrounds, or travels internationally. Even college students should be vaccinated since particular diseases are most commonly spread in dormitories and residence halls.

The team can answer all of your questions about vaccines and discuss your options, especially if your child has special medical needs or you’ll be travelling outside the country and need additional vaccines.

When does my child need to be vaccinated?

The AAA Pediatrics team follows the vaccine administration guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Starting at birth, your child receives specific vaccines over the first months and years of their life. After age two, the frequency of vaccines decreases though most schools require certain vaccines in order to enroll in kindergarten, middle school or junior high, and high school.

The team can discuss these guidelines with you to find the best solution for your child. Some vaccine doses can be spaced out more, especially if your child had a reaction to the vaccine or you want to avoid multiple needle pricks in one visit.

Is the flu shot available?

Yes, the flu shot is available for all children over the age of six months. Flu season lasts from November through April, though you can receive the flu shot earlier in the year if desired. For babies, two smaller doses are given one month apart while older children only need one dose.

Protect your child with vaccinations from AAA Pediatrics. Get started today by scheduling a visit online or by phone.