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ADHD Treatment

Woodbridge, VA ADHD Treatment

Pediatric CheckupAs a parent, you might have your concerns when it comes to an ADHD diagnosis. While ADHD cannot be cured, it can be successfully managed with help from your doctor who specializes in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Today there are many treatment options, so it is important for parents and doctors to work closely with everyone involved in the child’s treatment. 
Most cases of ADHD will be treated with a combination of medication and behavior therapy.  Good ADHD treatment plans will include close monitoring, follow-ups and any changes needed along the way.  Some treatment options for ADHD include:
  • Medications
  • Behavioral intervention
  • Parent training
  • ADHD and school
  • Let’s Take a Look at Medications
When a child has ADHD, medication might help.  Medication may be a valuable part of a child’s treatment, as it is one option that may help better control some of the behavior problems that might have let to problems with family, friends and school.  The use of medication in ADHD treatment falls into two categories: stimulants and nonstimulants. 
Stimulants are the best-known and most widely used treatments with approximately 70-80 percent of children responding positively to these medications.  Nonstimulants were first approved for use in adolescents in 2003 to treat ADHD.  This medication has fewer side effects than stimulants and can last longer—up to 24 hours.
Each child responds differently to medication. Your physician may try different medications and doses until the best treatment is found.

Understanding Behavioral Therapy

Over the years, research has shown that behavioral therapy is an important part of treatment for children with ADHD.  This condition affects a child’s ability to pay attention and sit still, but it also affects relationships with family and how they perform in their classes.  With behavioral therapy, these problems can be reduced and should begin as soon as a diagnosis is made. Some examples of behavioral therapy include:
  • Creating a routine
  • Getting organized
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Limiting choices
  • Changing interactions with the child
  • Using goals and rewards
  • Helping your child discover talent
  • Disciplining effectively
By visiting our office, we can properly diagnose and treat your child’s ADHD symptoms.  Remember, we understand this can be overwhelming, but we are here to make this diagnosis and treatment as easy as possible.

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